Water Flow3000m³/h Cutter Suction Dredger
Water Flow3000m³/h Cutter Suction Dredger

Water Flow3000m³/h Cutter Suction Dredger

This multi-purpose dredger can not operate in other machines
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The dredger is a multifunctional excavating machine, which can dig deep, widen the waterway and port, excavate new waterway, port canals, and can also dredging docks, docks, locks, foundation grooves of soil and water structures, etc.

Cutter suction dredger is a kind of ship that is widely used in beach dredging projects. It uses the front end of the suction pipe to install a rotary reamer device around the suction pipe to cut and stir the sediment at the bottom of the river, and then suck the mud. The pipe will transport the twisted sediment material to the sediment material accumulation yard with the help of powerful pump force. Its dredging, mud transporting, mud discharging and other working processes can be completed continuously at one time, and it is a good underwater excavation machine. The versatility and unique mobility of the dredger not only reduces operating costs, but also fuel consumption


Full hydraulic dredger: The whole ship is automatically controlled by the driving station in the cab, the operating system, positioning system, measurement system, etc.


Hull: High quality, maintenance, hull removable, easy to transport, simple operation, strong durability, high work efficiency


The main components use international famous brands and equipment before the factory before testing the pool test.



After-sales service: The factory has a special after-sales service team, all-day technical support, free replacement parts for the first year, then the customer needs the cost price of parts, and provides services


Support customization: You can design a suitable dredger and solution for different construction sites.

Item Name

Descriptions /Specifications

Sand or solid capacity

450-600 m³/h

Discharge distance

Middle size sand discharge distance is 1500m.Fine sand discharge is 2000m.

Water flow


Slurry concentration,

15 -20%

Dredging depth at 45 degree

15 m

Min. Dredging width with 35º swinging angle each side

a. At minimum dredging depth

Airline distance 22.8m

b. At maximum dredging depth

Airline distance19.4m

Min. dredging depth

1.4 m

Inner Diameter of discharge pipe


Inner Diameter of suction pipe

600 mm

Average Draught

1.4 m

Maximum draught

1.6 m

Total weight

180 Ton



Total installed power


Fuel tank capacity



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