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Legal Rights of a Credit Card Holder

Legal Rights of a Credit Card Holder

If you are facing problems with your credit card company, it is time to find a solution. As a consumer, you have certain rights and privileges. The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act (2009) aim at protecting consumers from unfair practices of such companies.

If you are yet to understand whether this law applies to your case, get in touch with a consumer attorney in Florida. What are the basic rights that you get as a consumer? Here are the provisions that affect you the most. If you still have any queries, you need to get in touch with an attorney to find specific answers.

The banning of the -universal default clause’ means no more increase in the interest rate for missing a payment to any other creditor. Initially, the credit card company could increase your interest rate if you missed paying any other debt – a mortgage payment, or a car loan, or even a utility bill.

The company may increase this rate if your payment is due for 60 days or more. However, if you pay your bills on time for the next six billing cycles, the company must terminate this increase.

The Act also makes it necessary to charge a late fee proportional and reasonable to the violation. It cannot exceed the amount of violation in question. Moreover, your credit card company cannot charge you above $25 for the first violation and above $35 for any repeat ones in six billing cycles, except when the cost incurred is higher.

As per another provision of this Act, the company does not have the right to change the due date from one month to another or arbitrarily cutoff time on this date. In addition, they must deliver the statement at least 21 days in advance of the due date.

According to the new payment allocation rule, the credit card company must apply any payment, which is above the min8mum, to the balance using the highest interest rate first. Next, it may apply it to the balance with the next highest rate, and continue until the exhaustion of the payment.

If you suspect a violation of any of these rights, you need to find a Florida Consumer Attorney immediately. Only qualified and experienced legal practitioners are capable of giving you proper answers and handling such matters. They would know how to negotiate with your credit card company, and if this fails, how to file a complaint.

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Easy Strategies For Legal Transcription New York And The Alternatives

Easy Strategies For Legal Transcription New York And The Alternatives

Any kind of pick town which include newspaper writers, novelists and scientists consistently would rather have documenting most of the job interviews and also imagination for Dictaphones running tapes. As a result audio cassettes may not be because out of date as being consumers are convinced they happen to be. The truth is, transcribers who can write out all of these videos in content are near a great deal marketplace demand and that can receive an excellent selling price in the market. By and large consumers tend to forget to instantly transform your cassette around previously many people embark on film approach.

These kind of transcription expert services found occupied straight into nearly every location in addition to next corner world wide. Meetings tend to be practiced in any farmland internet business, press, law firm, educational background sectors are essential, health care industry, religious banks and the like. All of these selection end up being engraved or archived regarding our children and grandchildren. The class leading transcribing professional services allow companies for the purpose of interview, university student groundwork meetings, correspondent, fm radio selection interviews, Telephone selection interviews, Promotional interviews, and many more.

As well as a risk- digital transcription equipment and software free can guess out there an important respected corporation having great experience to the picture. can be sale for this audio tracks mixed of just one people meeting a second in your content material data format. It’s just like concerning general transcribing. The interview with the separate or a workforce is often undertaken whether for business phone or maybe in individual. You’re looking for support, in case you tend to be a writer, writer, possibly a event wedding speaker.

To be certain the written content of any job interviews can certainly be indexed in search engines like bing, you simply must document content material records on a small business that provides companies to your blog. Search engines like google will likely spider your site plus ship people to your web blog, when people finder for phrases secured within your selection interviews.Is it doesn’t strategy of renovating interviews songs and even video media recordings in order to message style. A range of manufacturers grant these kinds of expertise.

Can I Really Sue My Lawyer For Negligence

Can I Really Sue My Lawyer For Negligence

You may have used the same lawyer for years and have developed a good working relationship with them. However what do you then do if you believe that they are guilty of legal negligence? Would you worry about making a claim as it might damage that relationship?

Imagine an alternative situation. You are travelling in your car, you stop to give way at a roundabout and bang! Someone crashes into the back of your car causing quite a lot of damage. You exit the car to go to find out what the other driver was doing and lo and behold it is your solicitor. What would you do then? Would you accept an apology and say no more about it or would you make a professional negligence claim against them?

Just like any other motor accident you would exchange details and make a claim via your insurance company knowing that both of you have taken out insurance to protect you for such occurrences. You understand that accidents do happen on occasion and that even though the other drive is at fault you can try not to take it personally.

The same principle applies for legal negligence. All lawyers pay a hefty premium each year for professional indemnity insurance to cover them in the event that they or their staff makes a mistake that costs their clients money.

Perhaps they missed a deadline which made it harder for you to win a case. Possibly they dawdled on an important claim which then meant you had to take a smaller compensation amount just to end the process. Perhaps they gave you poor advice on a lease which had a detrimental effect on the property value. The main point is that you have lost money due to their legal negligence and because of this you may be entitled to claim.

Of course just because you are unhappy with the service you have received at the hands of your solicitor doesn’t necessarily mean that they have automatically been negligent in the eyes of the law.

Proving legal negligence is a complex process and one where you would be well advised to seek professional assistance. A specialist legal negligence solicitor will assess the merits of your case and try to work out what the outcome of the situation would have been had your solicitor handled the situation properly the first time around. If, as a result of this there is a clear case to be made you can then purse the appropriate level of claim in the most effective manner. It all depends what you want; an apology, an investigation, or compensation for example.

Therefore you cannot be weary of complaining, try to remember the car insurance analogy. Seeking professional help at an early stage is the key to ensuring that a) you don’t waste your money or time pursuing an emotive but unprovable legal negligence claim and b) a valid professional negligence claim is pursued in the most cost efficient and winnable manner within any statutory time limitations.

The Importance Of Motorcycle Accident Lawyer In Houston

The Importance Of Motorcycle Accident Lawyer In Houston

The number of motorcycle owners has been on a steady rise in the state of Houston. Unfortunately this has also led to an increase in the number of accidents. The NHSTA has laid down a list of regulations for the safety of motorcyclists. Some of these safety precautions include:
Wearing a helmet at all times
Never drinking and driving
Wearing definitely visible clothing
Following traffic rules always
Taking driving lessons from an appropriate driving school

The chances of an accident when on a bike
However in certain cases an accident cannot be avoided even if you are following all the rules. Statistics shows that the number of motorcycle accidents has doubled since 1998. Statistics also state that a motorcycle rider is 35 times more likely to meet with an accident as opposed to a car owner. This is one of the primary reasons why you need a good Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Houston.

A motorcycle accident often involves another motor vehicle. A motorcyclist stands a higher chance of facing grievous injury as passengers traveling in a car. While nothing can take the pain caused by an injury away, a good motorcycle accident attorney Houston can help you get a serious recovery. The recovery should help you cover all your medical expenses and any long term therapy you might require.

Points to keep in mind when hiring a motorcycle accident attorney Houston

While hiring a motorcycle accident attorney Houston here is a couple of pointers to help you choose the right one:
-Make sure your lawyer really cares for you
-Your lawyer has a history of reviewing and researching his cases
-He is well versed with risks and rewards of motorcycling
-Make sure that your lawyer is capable of making a serious recovery

A good motorcycle accident lawyer will review your situation and make a good case to help you get maximum recovery. An ideal recovery would cover your medical expenses and any damages to your vehicle. A good recovery can help take the sting away from an otherwise grievous situation.

Your duty if you are witness to a motorcycle accident
If you are a friend or an observer of a motorcycle accident, make sure you take as many notes of the accident site as possible. Click pictures, even with your cell phone camera of the motorcycle and the accident situation. It is the responsibility of the police department to write a report of the accident. However police reports are sometimes not complete. Your notes and pictures could help a motorcycle accident lawyer strengthen his case for a deserving recovery.

Motorcycle accidents are one of the most unfortunate occurrences. Even if you are not a motorcycle owner you could be a part of a motorcycle because you are in the vicinity of a motorcyclist or the other vehicle involved in an accident. If the accident is not your fault you have every right to make recovery claim.

A good motorcycle accident attorney Houston will help you make recover as much as you can from an accident. If you have been the victim of an accident it is advisable to get in touch with a good lawyer to minimize your damages.

Exposed! The Legal Loophole That Lets You Wipe Out All Of Your Credit Card Debt.

Exposed! The Legal Loophole That Lets You Wipe Out All Of Your Credit Card Debt.

There are literally millions of credit cards in the world today and even with the current credit crunch, the numbers of cards being issued is still on the increase, so the ramifications for the credit card industry are immense and for them at least, difficult to comprehend.

During the good times, credit card companies issued cards under the guidelines of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. However, in their greed to attract even greater numbers of customers each month, they forgot to ensure that their consumer credit agreements they issued to customers were legal and above reproach. This situation changed in April 2008 with the creation of new rules and regulations that fully covered every lending institution that issued a consumer credit agreement.

However (and this is the good part), there are literally millions of potentially flawed agreements in existence that mean you, the consumer, can wipe out your total credit card debt in an instant, legally and ethically/

The other thing to consider is that legal loophole applies to all unsecured debt such as personal loans, car finance, mortgages and PPI. They all have to abide by the Consumer Credit Act (CCA) 1974 and if they do not, then they could be left open to all of their customers making a claim against the vaibility of their credit agreement.

This is the hottest topic in the financial services industry at the moment as credit card companies frantically look to avoid claims and the potential for huge losses. They are full aware of this situation and are bracing themselves for the fall out as this dwarfs anything we have seen from the ‘reclaim your bank charges’ scneario that has been on the news for the last 12 months.

The process itself is simple to administer if you know how and if you have the right Barrister contacts. The Barrister in question must have an understanding of the legal process and the ensuing legal complexities of wiping out credit card debt. But remember, it is happening now and hundreds of thousands of people have started to wipe out their debts and ensure that they can start living a debt free life once again.

Seth Shumaker Attorney Received Various Honors in His Legal Career

Seth Shumaker Attorney Received Various Honors in His Legal Career

Seth Shumaker, attorney provided excellent legal services and counseling in Kirksville area for more than 20 years. He specialized in areas of criminal law, personal injury, mass torts and class action. He utilized his experience and knowledge to help clients in getting the best solutions for their legal problems. In his successful legal career, he was awarded with various honors. He received Outstanding Young Man of America in 1986. He was also a part of National Dean’s List, 1986. Seth Shumaker Kirksville Missouri was Legislative Aide to Representative Estil Fretwell, Missouri General Assembly in 1986. In 1990, he was admitted to Missouri Bar and was also admitted to Wyoming Bar. From 2000-2006, he was among Board of Directors, LaPlata State Bank, LaPlata, Missouri.

Seth Shumaker attorney had served at various capacities in the legal field. He was a tutor at American Government Classes at Northeast Missouri State University for four years. From 1987-1990, he worked as clerk at Gary Spaeth, Attorney at Law, Red Lodge, Montana. After that, he was clerk with Powell, Seitz, and Francke, Columbia, Missouri. He worked with Carrie Francke in updating Missouri Law Enforcement Handbook. In 2000, he was special prosecuting attorney with Adair County, Missouri. He had practiced law for more than two decades.

Seth Shumaker Kirksville Missouri graduated from Kirksville Senior High School, Kirksville, Missouri at 3rd position out of 182. In 1986, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Administration from Northeast Missouri State University (now Truman State University), Kirksville, Missouri. He then went to University of Missouri-Columbia of Law to earn Juris Doctor in the year 1989.

A family man, Seth Shumaker attorney lives with wife, Barbara and son Reagan in Missouri. His wife, Barbara is a registered nurse at Northeast Regional Medical Center’s Heart Clinic. Whenever he finds time, he likes to play golf, collect cigars, read good books and travel.

About The Author:

Sanford Maris is a technical writer, researcher who has a passion of writing and research. He mainly spends his time to informative websites like Wikipedia and Squidoo. Nowadays, He’s writing about finance articles which are his core interest.

Lawyers Help of Las Vegas – Legal assistance for Workplace Accidents

Lawyers Help of Las Vegas – Legal assistance for Workplace Accidents

How to Get Legal Assistance from the Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers

If you had suffered any kind of injury due to an accident in your workplace you can file a case for compensation from your employer. You can take legal assistance from Lawyers Help Las Vegas, a legal service provider headed by William Skupa. It has a team of efficient and experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyers who take care of their client’s needs with extreme professionalism. The Las Vegas personal injury attorney helps you get a decent amount of compensation for any kind of workplace accident.

It is the responsibility of the employers to take care of the safety of the employees. If any accident takes place due to the negligence of the employer which might have harmed the employee in any way he is liable to pay an appropriate amount of compensation to the employee for his loss. The amount of compensation generally depends on the severity of the injury. The Nevada lawyer will help you get the necessary evidences for the case and also help you get a strong case in your favor. All the Las Vegas Personal injury lawyers working with the service provider are experienced and dedicated professionals who had been successfully handling such kinds of cases in the past.

While filing for a workplace accident case you need to provide proofs that states that you had suffered injury due to the negligence of your employer. Sometimes workplace accident injuries can also be settled outside the court and a good Las Vegas injury attorney will tell you about the complete process. Legal Cases have a number of aspects and thus, it is necessary to avail services from an experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer to help you in such kinds of situations.

The Las Vegas personal injury lawyers offer their assistance for other personal cases such as medical malpractice, premises liability, wrongful deaths and road accidents also. They offer their services for reasonable fees.

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Ways To Understand The Las Vegas Legal Court System

Ways To Understand The Las Vegas Legal Court System

Going into the Las Vegas Criminal Court as a defendant means something untoward has occurred. The biggest problem for most defendants is whether or not they have proper representation. The sorts of cases dispensed with in this type of court are misdemeanors and felonies. Modest infractions are also handled here. The clients that do not have enough money or do not understand their situation may settle for a public defender. This is fine when comes to something minor, but if there is a larger matter, it is best to seek out a criminal attorney. The benefit is they follow and represent their clients’ wishes.

Make no mistake about it; all convictions come with some sort of punishment. It may be a fine for an infraction, but with a misdemeanor, defendants can find themselves facing jail time. Lump that up to a felony and jail is on the horizon. These situations can derail an otherwise normal life. .

Occasionally a person charged has committed a first offense. This doesn’t make them most likely to continue this behavior. The idea to have a to have an excellent attorney who understands exactly how to work within the Las Vegas Criminal Court system is the best. Defendants need to have a list of questions ready before choosing. If it is impossible to choose one, have a close friend or relative interview potential attorneys. In reality, choosing an attorney beforehand is the key. The problem with that is most does not think they’ll discover themselves inside a scenario where they need legal representation.

Just because one is in a Las Vegas Criminal Court as a defendant does not automatically mean that person has committed any wrongdoing. Plenty of innocent people that have taken a plea deal as means of ending the matter and going on with their lives. This criminal matter will generally follow one for the rest of their lives once we we’re convicted. This can impact the type of jobs one may seek. Upon leaving, a person that has spent time in prison is no longer the same. Most times this is not a good thing. There are some cycles which are hard to break and being institutionalized is difficult for some to shake.

Las Vegas Criminal Court
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The Attractive Aspect Of Becoming A Lawyer

The Attractive Aspect Of Becoming A Lawyer

In a Forbes poll, it was cited that children between the ages 5 to 12 years old dreamed of becoming either an astronaut, an athlete, a doctor, fire fighter, pilot, scientist, and lawyer, to name a few. What is interesting to note is that when it comes to their vision of being an advocate of the constitution, children seem to have a skewed, dare-say sensationalized, view of what it means to become a law practitioner. With shows like Law & Order as well as Suits, thats not difficult to comprehend. But there are other perks to the profession aside from the courtroom fireworks and moral rewards (provided you are fighting on the side of good). Those who are deciding on what career to take should find the following perks on being a lawyer interesting.

a. Earning potential. Its no secret that being an attorney fetches a lot of money. In fact, they are considered among the highest paid professionals in the legal industry. The national average for a lawyers annual salary ranges around $110,590. If you are affiliated with a high profile firm or is one of the worlds leading attorneys, there is a possibility that would earn millions of dollars in income. Of course, that is something you can only realize when youve garnered enough experience and tenacity to attract loads of clients. Unlike other jobs, lawyers do not fetch a monthly salary. They are per transaction basis.

b. Mental Challenge. There are some people who appreciate development more than money itself. No one wants to stagnate. Being a lawyer provides multiple levels for growth and success, and it is not the type of job you would call boring. Every day learn something new. Every day you encounter a unique case. And in every case, you are able to contribute to the bulk of knowledge that circulates the industry. And with law practice, you can specialize in a number of fields, giving you something to always occupy yourself with.

c. Prestige and respect. This is a by-product of your climb to success. The more you earn and the more cases you win, the more you gain peoples attention and admirations; sometimes even envy. And regardless of whether you are playing for the defence or prosecution, you will always be able to reap these rewards.

d. In demand skill set. Being a lawyer allows you to gather a huge number of knowledge which is applicable in a number of professions. If you suddenly decide that being in the courtroom is no longer your thing, you could pursue a new career with your degree and experience as your platform. You could run for a political position, become a consultant, manage a company, write a legal thriller novel, or teach in a University.

e. Work environment. You have a number of options when it comes to work environment when you are a lawyer. It usually depends on what your practice is concentrated on. Environmental and humanitarian lawyers are often in the field. Corporate attorneys are housed in nice, fancy offices with a view. Those that work for a popular firm may get treated to a variety of comfort facilities such as gym, spa, parking spaces and gourmet dining areas.

James Tenney, Atlanta Is A Legal And Tax Planning Advisor

James Tenney, Atlanta Is A Legal And Tax Planning Advisor

James Fredrick Tenney has been practicing as a legal and tax advisor for more than three decades. A native of the Detroit area, he attended the University of Michgian and received his undergraduate degree (B.S.) in finance and law degree (J.D.) from University of Tennessee. He also studied at Emory University for a Masters of Laws in Taxation (L.L.M.). Over the years, James Frederick Tenney has worked with individuals as well as corporations regarding various aspects of taxation and personal finance. His pertinent and timely advice has helped his clients in saving money and protecting their business assets. He also offers expert legal counsel in estate planning, tax controversies, structuring business entities, international business transactions and more.

James F Tenney is member of a number of bar associations such as the American Bar Association, the Tennessee Bar Association, the International Bar Association, the State Bar of Georgia and others. As a writer, he has authored for various trade publications on various aspects of finance, law and taxation. His readership includes students, businessmen and professionals related to the legal field who want to gain better understanding of tax and finance laws. James F Tenney is also a seasoned speaker and he has conducted seminars at local, regional and national levels to educate his audience about various finance and taxation laws.

As an attorney in Atlanta, James Frederick Tenney provides legal counsel to businesses and individuals on how the tax law affects their investment and business decisions. His clients respect his advice and his peers also seek his professional opinion on various cases from time to time. His publications, seminars and workshops contain important concepts of laws and taxation which are helpful to businesses, employees and individuals. James Tenney, Atlanta is a licensed to practice in Georgia and Tennessee. He is also a Certified Public Accountant licensed in the State of Georgia.